How to Cook the Perfect Steak

There are not many meals that are more palatable and satisfying than perfectly cooked steak dinner from your favorite restaurant. Eating out and having a steak is a treat you can look forward to, however, if you were to go out and eat a steak every time you have a craving, you could find yourself in the poor house. It is much more cost efficient to make your steak at home. You also don’t have to get dressed up to enjoy your meal. If you have never cooked a steak, or if you have tried and it doesn’t come out the way the restaurant makes, it, there are a few tips that you should follow. Soon, you will be making steaks that could be comparable to the ones that are served at your favorite steak house.

The Right Cut is a Must

There is more to choosing a steak than just finding the one that is the most expensive. The different meat cuts are designed for different ways to prepare it. For example, the steak that you use in a stir fry is much different than the steak that you are going to make as your main course. If you don’t know what type of buy, go according to your budget.

If you don’t have the money to spend on an expensive cut, you can still enjoy a good steak. As long as you use the right rub or marinade, you can get excellent flavor out of an inexpensive piece of meat. Due to it fibrous quality which can soak up liquid, tri-tip is an excellent marinade. If you are using thin cuts, such as skirt or flank, you should use a rub. The meat will have a chance to cook without the various spices and herbs being burnt. It is important to trust the source that you get your meat from. If you head to the butcher shop with meat cutting and selling as its specialty, you can be sure that they have the highest quality steak and they can give out the best recommendations for your steak dinner.


Consider Meat Thickness

If you are planning to buy a skirt steak, you won’t have much control over the thickness. If you are going to pay money for a higher end steak, you should take the time to choose based on how the meat is cut. You don’t want to buy anything that is over 1 inch thick, as it is prone to overcooking. Since most supermarkets don’t sell steak that is over an inch thick, you should have your meat cut by the expert — the butcher.

Steam, Don’t Sear

Searing the meat is the best way to get the most flavor out of your steak. When the steak is seared, it creates a Malliard reaction. This creates a browning effect when the meat is cooked at high temperatures. Before you begin cooking the steak, you should make sure that the meat is dry. Any excess moisture on the steak can deter you from your expected result. Make sure that you use a good amount of salt. Unless the steak is seasoned, it won’t taste good. Regardless of how you intend to cook the steak, the meat needs to be placed on a surface that’s hot, not warm. Cast iron pans hold the heat very well. Before you put the steak on, you want the pan to be very hot. If you are grilling your steak, you should still see to it that the surface is hot.

Let the Meat Rest  

After you have put so much hard work and time into grilling that steak or cooking it, you don’t want to cut or slice it right after you take it off the heat. Remember to leave the steak on a warm area and let it rest for half the time that it took you to cook it. This will redistribute the juices. If you cut it when it is too hot, the moisture can run out. This will result in you eating dry steak, which isn’t very good. If you are patient, the final product will be amazing.

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