The Browns

We’re the Browns! Welcome to our website.

We are husband and wife based in Chicago, with no kids yet, who can’t live without our weekly dine outs. Believe it or not, we make it a point to try different dishes at different restaurants and fast food chains at least 4x a week.

Yes, we are F-O-O-D-I-E-S and we’re happy to share our tips and recommendations on which spots are worth checking out and which dishes are mouthwatering enough to make it to your food bucket list (if there is such a thing).

Oh and we are good cooks, too! So from time to time, we spend time in our kitchen and whip up our lunch or dinner, and dream about starting our own cafe someday. The C3 Cafe. (The 3 C’s stand for Casual, Catchy, Carnivores). We love meat dishes after all and we’d like our future cafe to have a casual, inviting atmosphere, thus the name C3 Cafe.

Drop us a line at, thank you!



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